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"Key Internet Policy Issues" is a series of contributions from people living in countries new or relatively new to the Internet about what they consider to be key policy issues related to the deployment and use of the Internet in their country. Each text is published under the complete responsibility and with the permission of its author. These contributions were solicited by Alan McCluskey, guest editor, in preparation for a special issue of the Internet Society's magazine "OnTheInternet" entitled "Strategies for development: from thought to action" to be published in November 1997. For more information and comments on the preparation of this special edition see "Addressing Key Policy Issues".

The Chad
A need for awareness

Chad has experienced instability for about twenty years. This instability has, to an extent, played a negative role in all socio-economic structures, especially "The Information Super Highway Technology".

There is currently no Internet gateway in Chad. There is, however, an e-mail server which is a project of the SDNP, New York. It is a sustainable Development Network project which has the support of the Government and the Telecommunications Internationales du Tchad (TIT).

The server runs on Linux OS using the Taylor 1.2 UUCP protocol for data transmission. Located at the Centre National d'Appui de la Recherche (CNAR), Ndjamena-Chad, the server is mainly used for exchange of Research, Environment, Health, Agriculture data within and outside the country. The server can also run FTP and enables users to subscribe to known mailing list. It can also run the TCP/IP protocol, but there are no websites yet.

TIT and its French partners (France Telecoms and Telespace) plan to set up a gateway in Chad that will enable full Internet access by the end of September, 1997.

The absence of an Internet gateway in Chad would seem to imply that there are no Internet policies issues in Chad. Clearly Internet policy questions will arise once the gateway has become operational, but for the moment, these issues are unknown to the public. Internet awareness in Chad is currently very limited. Most of those that are aware of Internet are those using the SDNP facility. Although, there are some companies that are already aware of the Internet, they will have to wait for TIT to complete their installations since access to the SDNP facility is limited to the Ministries, Government parastatals, Universities, Research institutions, NGOs, International organisations and Embassies.

We plan to organise a seminar/workshop on Internet and its importance in February next year apart of the activity program of the SDNP project. In addition, before the end of 1997, the SDNP project will promote Internet use via the radio, television and local news papers. When the Internet gateway becomes operational, TIT and its partners in collaboration with the Government will also try to initiate the population in Internet use.

Duke Lawrence Ogbokor, Head of the Computer Unit, Lake Chad Basin Commission, Ndjamena-Chad


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